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          James Kelley Jr., A.K.A Lil Nunni was born in Hiram Clark, Houston TX. Nunni's music speaks to an audience much more mature beyond his years, aware of his surroundings and poised with the ability to tell compelling stories from his Houston upbringing. His song “Draco Effect” had a soul-stricken anthem effect on Houston. 

          Nunni returned with his new single “Hit’em All”. Raw in lyricism and aptly melodic, this one is the perfect concoction of all things that Nunni represents and puts the star power of the talent on full display. With that being said, the production behind “Hit’em All” follows what we all know so well as one of the most popular sounds we hear in hip-hop today. But the single is lit and it's different. Nunni rides the beat with a much better flow than some of his previous songs and also puts his growth on full display. This single is recognized as no other than Lil Nunni AKA Nunni finding his own sound. If you know him, then you know he doesn’t seem to strive for a banger in the way that other artists might. Its natural and he simply lets his heart loose on “Hit’em All”. This song matches an unheralded supply of honesty with just the right blend of striking vocal runs. It’s a cocktail of undeniable vocal talent and pure, from-the-soul storytelling, leaving Houston with a bright young artist in the making.

          Nunni Dropped the "Influenced" Album on his Birthday July 10th 2020 with little to no marketing. The album is showing independent artist what they should be doing. Tapping out with 118.4K Streams, 66.6k Listeners in 82 countries in 2020. His fans are highly anticipating his next single dropping soon called "Wats da Move". Be on the lookout for that single, on all platforms. 

What's Next?

          Nunni has a goal to drop a few albums this year and has already begin working on the project. He has interviews lined up as well as live performances. Stick around to get the drop on everything lil Nunni in 2021. 

Press Release 

Digital Journal 




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Lyrical Lemonade


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Pigeons  & Plans 

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Voyage Houston
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The making of "Pressure" 

Lil Nunni Picks

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HIT'EM ALLlilnunni
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CLARK BOYlilnunni
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The Growth of Draco Effect was  862% in 2020 Spotify

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Shows you wish you didn't miss

Lil Nunni Live 


Lil Nunni Live @ Habbi Lounge 2727 Fondren, Houston, TX


Lil Nunni  LIVE

yb ft lilnuni show.jpg

Lil Nunni live @ Ayva Center 9371 Richmond, Houston, tx

Lil Nunni live 


Lil Nunni live @ PRIMETIME HTTX 9255 S. Main ST Houston, tx

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