Lil Nunni is 17 years old, but his music speaks to an artist mature beyond his years, aware of his surroundings and poised with the ability to tell compelling stories from his Houston upbringing. His song “Draco Effect” caught my attention as a soul-stricken anthem a few weeks ago, and now, Nunni is back and better than ever with his latest single, “Op Conversation.” Raw in lyricism and aptly melodic, this one is the perfect concoction of all things Nunni, and puts the star power of the 16-year old talent on full display.

That said, the production behind “Op Conversation” follows what has become one of the most popular sounds in hip-hop today, but there’s something different about this one. Nunni rides the beat in a calculated manner, and doesn’t seem to strive for a banger in the way that other artists might. Rather, he lets his heart loose on “Op Conversation”, and matches an unheralded supply of honesty with just the right blend of striking vocal runs. It’s a cocktail of undeniable vocal talent and pure, from-the-soul storytelling, leaving Houston with a bright young artist in the making.

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