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James Kelley Jr., known professionally as Lil Nunni was born in Houston TX. Lil Nunni is a singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. He has his own clothing brand “ New Money Bandit” which is well loved around the Houston metro area and other cities in Texas. But he is most known for being a rapper. His music speaks as an artist mature beyond his years because of his upbringing in Hiram Clarke, Houston. At the age of 5 he lost his father to a prison cell and was being raised by his mother as a single parent. She quickly found out that he had a gift to rap and sing. Over the years he has had the ability to tell compelling stories in his written music which makes his songs stand out in the industry. The song “Draco Effect” had a soul-stricken anthem effect for Houston, which can be found on his Album, “Influenced.” There was a Raw lyricism and aptly melodic in that Album and it brought excitement for what’s to come. There were other hot singles that caught the industries attention like “Hit’em All” and ‘Keep It P”.  


Nunni never strives for a banger in the way that other artists might. But we will see the what this next Album “Hood Virus” brings. 


Birth name :

James Kelley 

Born :

July 10, 2003 

Houston, Texas, U.S.

Genres :

Hip hoptrap

Occupation(s) :


Years active :


Labels :

Redline Entertainment 

Website :

Education :


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